Wills and Estates

An effective estate plan may require more than preparing a valid Will and it is important to consider various aspects of your life, financial and personal circumstances when planning estate documents.
A valid Will determines who should benefit from your estate when you die and who will be responsible for administering it – those chosen as your executors / trustees. A Will can be simple or complex and can also appoint guardians for minor children and provide directions for funeral arrangements.
testamentary trust is a more complex Will that creates a trust or trusts after the testator dies. The trust assists in safeguarding assets from third-party creditors; protects at-risk beneficiaries; assists in protecting assets in family law disputes; assists in preserving capital for the use of future generations, and provides potential tax advantages.
power of attorney appoints a trusted family member or friend to look after your legal and financial affairs should you be unable to do so yourself. The power of attorney can specify the extent of powers an attorney is authorised to exercise. It can operate for a limited time, such as while you are travelling overseas, for a one-off transaction or take effect indefinitely from the time you lose mental capacity. This is known as an enduring power of attorney.

An application for Letters of Administration is made by an interested person when a person dies intestate or the executors named in a valid Will are no longer alive or are unable to fulfil the role.
A grant of Letters of Administration will appoint the applicant as administrator of the estate, allowing him or her to deal with the estate assets and liabilities in the same manner as an executor.
Dealing with a deceased estate can be distressing and often involves complex issues at a time of grief and loss. Executors and administrators may need to liaise with a range of stakeholders to ensure the terms of the Will are upheld.

Family law

Separating from a partner can be traumatic with many practical and financial considerations. A break-up places stress on our emotional wellbeing and decision-making capacity – getting advice early is important to ensure you reach the best possible outcome in your circumstances.


Married couples can apply for a divorce if their marriage has broken down irretrievably. To make an Application for Divorce there are a number of matters to consider but essentially the parties must have been separated for a period of at least 12 months, however this time can include a period of separation under the one roof.
If you have children under the age of 18 years, you will be required to attend Court for the hearing of the application. The Court will need to be satisfied that proper arrangements have been put in place for the children.

Property Law

Property law concerns the rules governing the rights of ownership and interests in real estate and personal property. More often, it involves the sale, purchase and transfer of land; the creation of easements and other interests in land; developing and registering plans of subdivisions; commercial and retail leasing; and occasionally, disputes regarding ownership, boundaries or access.

Commercial Law

We act for a wide range of business entities and will discuss your individual circumstances to tailor solutions for the many planned and unplanned events that occur throughout the life of a business.
Buying or selling a business requires careful planning to ensure that agreed terms and conditions are properly negotiated and documented in a written contract. The contract should detail the parties’ rights and obligations, deal with GST matters and set out processes to manage various contingencies.

Aged Care – Wills & Estate Planning

We can all take steps to simplify the management of our financial affairs, predetermine the type of health care we are comfortable with, and ensure our hard-earned assets are structured to our greatest advantage as we age.


Investments and Wealth Creation Strategies

  • Investment Strategies
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  • Managed Funds and Direct Shares

Personal Risk Protection

  • Life Insurance
  • Total & Permanent Disability Insurance
  • Income Protection
  • Trauma / Critical Illness Insurance
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